12 Years of Freedom + Nine Success Stories


This week as we transition into another season, I got thinking about other transitions in my life, and two stand out really powerfully..

The first is twenty years ago. Broke, alone, anxious and ashamed I decided to find a new way and committed to learn how to create freedom for myself.

The second was eight years later when I achieved my financial freedom and realised I had given myself the biggest gift I could ever have dreamed…

Freedom of Choice.

It seems appropriate to do a little celebrating, with a massive dollop of gratitude, for what this freedom has enabled me to do.

One of the things I am most proud and grateful for is creating The Wealth Chef and getting to help so many people so instead of ME celebrating, I decided to let some of my amazing students do the celebrating by sharing their stories… and they’ve got some amazing stories.

So I asked my FFU’ers (Financial Freedom University students)  to take part in a video contest and share their Freedom Journey results. I’ve got my eight favuorites down below… there are some remarkable stories.


Please help me pick a winner in this contest. Just leave a comment below with the names of your three favorites.

So here are my nine favourites (it was so hard cutting it down to these nine):

Caitriona Ellis used Financial Freedom University to take her and her family from two incomes, stress and not knowing how they would cover their mortgage to – as she puts it –  one income, 3 kids, loads of fun and on track for financial freedom in two years.


Nikki Ramskill is a doctor who realised on her 30th birthday that she needed to learn about money. She used Financial Freedom University to completely transform her own financial reality and is now teaching other Millennials how to do it too.



Katherine Reynolds hated seeing her husband’s health deteriorated from working so hard but they didn’t know any other way. They used their new financial education to create passive income flows in property and online businesses which has completely transformed their lives and their relationship.



Caroline De Waard feared that at 58 it was too late for her to create financial freedom. In just one year she created a passive income of  €1500 a month, started a new business in the Netherlands teaching others how to invest in property and visited Barcelona which had been a dream for years , realising now she can have all these adventures she had always dreamed of.



When Debbie Rahimi’s father died with many of his dreams still inside him and so much of his life unfulfilled because of financial constraints, she knew she needed to break the intergenerational financial ignorance and create a new way of being for herself and her children, and she did.



Meet Mandy Barnett – now a confident and accomplished investor who is having a ball creating real wealth in her retirement. Hard to believe that just a few years ago, coming to the end of a 31 year Doctors career, she was clueless about investing and had no idea how she was going to fill the gap between pension she was going to get and the much bigger salary her family needed.



No one in Marlene Mahokoto’s world invested, no one knew about the stock market and no-one was wealthy yet this lay minister dared to imagine what she could achieve in the world if she had the power of money fueing her mission. Setting out to learn how to invest in the stock market, she discovered this freedom journey is so much more.



Single mum, Marina Pearson, had to borrow money to get through the month and join Financial Freedom University and now gets to spend all the time she wants with her boy, travel the world and have all the support she needs because she now has assets bringing in all the money she needs.



Despite running a successful business Natalie Woodman never seemed to have any time or money for herself and had nothing set up for her retirement and no clue how to do it. With Financial Freedom University Natalie now has her retirement sorted, emergency funds in place, is working significantly less and up-leveled every area of her life.




Of course, none of those videos represent our typical FFU students or typical results… nor are they meant to imply any income results, or any results whatsoever.

And you can see from their incredibly varied stories that even the idea of a “typical” FFU’er is pretty crazy – because each of our journeys to freedom are unique. What freedom means to each of us is unique and how we use the freedom we create is also completely unique.

These people range from single mums to stay at home mums to fur kid mums. They are business owners, employees, and entrepreneurs. They come from countries all around the world. Some are married and others not, some have kids and others don’t, some are starting out and others nearing retirement or already retired …

The point is, creating their freedom had absolutely nothing to do with any of these factors…

…What they do have in common is a deep desire to be free of financial limitations and worries.

They chose to live their lives fully, authentically and wholeheartedly, with money supporting them and no longer suppressing them …

…AND they took massive action to learn how and make it happen.

A few of them mention the money they have made, saved and grown – but these definitely aren’t income claims. I have no idea who you are or what you would do with my training. A more typical and safer assumption is that you will not make ANY money from my training. Especially if you don’t do anything with it.

OK, with that preamble, I would love if you can help me out… those 9 videos are the finalists in my FFU 2017  Video Contest. I’m going to have three winners, including a Grand Prize winner. The overall Grand Prize winner will get a free 1-on-1 consultation with me, get to attend the Financially Free You live 3-day event as my VIP guest plus bring a friend and other cool prizes too.


Please scroll down and leave a comment for me with the names of your personal top three.

I’ll add up your votes, and it will be a big factor in helping me choose our  winner.

Thanks for celebrating their success with me and I hope they have inspired you to keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

If you’d love some more inspiration for your own freedom journey – check out the 2016 FFU Video Contest here<<<




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